Who uses Caller ID Spoofing?

Fake Caller ID

Law Enforcment/Bail Bondsman

Trying to track down people who don't want to be found is a lot easier with a fake caller id to show as a friend or relatives phone number.

Free Spoof Call

Debt Collectors

Spoof your caller id to show up as someones family member, friend or assosiate and chances are they will answer. Debt Collection companies have been using Caller ID Spoofing since it was invented.

Voice Changing

Long Distance or 800 numbers

At just $.10 per minute long distance calls made from Spoof My Calls are less than most long distance companies charge. As an added bonus you can Change your caller id, record your call or even change your voice!

Call Spoofing

Radio Stations

It's the best way for radio stations to pull off their practical jokes without divolging who they are. With our voice changin feature popular DJ's can remain comletely anonymous.

Call Recording

Friends playing jokes

Change the pitch of you voice with our voice changing service and then make your caller ID show up as your friends boyfriend/girlfriend and let the phone begin! Record your calls to enjoy your jokes for years to come.

Caller ID Spoofing


Our most popular users are definetly salesman and telemarketers. Now with Caller ID Spoofing they can easily bypass the recepetionist at the office and speak to the decision makers.